Smart Grid and Internet of Energy

Smart grid is characterized by a high degree of information and communication technologies (ICT)  integration due to increased demand for automation in power facilities. Due to a large number of various distributed generation units and due to the changes in consumption profile, Smart grid is becoming an indispensable part of Internet-of-Energy (IoE), a technology which achieves space-efficient electricity production, lowers power losses and achieves other significant techno-economic savings by applying smart consumers, smart meters, smart metering and control technology and smart sensors integrated through a paradigm of digital twins, advanced centralized or decentralized management systems, power storage units and manageable generation units. The goal of this workshop is to present the latest global research in the field of Smart grid and the Internet of Energy and to present the fundamental challenges for their implementation in the local or national environment. Additionally, the workshop will present the project plan and so-far results of the research and development project “SEGIP – Smart Electrical Grid integration Platform” in which the project team consists of members from Base58 d.o.o. and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technology Osijek.