Smart technologies for sustainable agriculture

Date and time
October 14th, 2020 (2:00 PM)

Hotel Osijek, Šamačka 4, 31000 Osijek, Croatia

Application of modern information and communication technologies in the agricultural sector can significantly increase the efficiency of agricultural land use, which will result in increased quantity and quality of agricultural yields and in reduced negative impact of climate change. The aim of the workshop is to present the latest research and technologies in the field of smart agriculture that are applied globally, to describe the current situation at the local and national levels, to detect important problems and challenges in the field and to propose adequate solutions. Furthermore, the plan and preliminary results of the scientific research project “IoT-field: An Ecosystem of Networked Devices and Services for IoT Solutions Applied in Agriculture” will be presented.

Project: “IoT-field: An Ecosystem of Networked Devices and Services for IoT Solutions Applied in Agriculture” will be presented

The project is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and conducted by the three following scientific research institutions from Croatia: FER Zagreb, FERIT Osijek and Agricultural Institute Osijek. The goal of the project is to increase market-oriented R&D activities in the areas of Internet of Things and Plant Sciences to establish an ecosystem of networked devices and innovative services with application in agriculture. Project activities are focused on the research and development of interoperable and secure technical solutions for an ecosystem enabling the collection and advanced processing of real-time microclimate and agronomic data to improve plant production in the Republic of Croatia. The project will enable transfer of knowledge and technology to Croatian ICT companies and increase the competitiveness of family farms. Project leader is Ivana Podnar Zarko, Ph.D. from FER, and its value is 6,672,806.98 HRK.

Paper Submission and Publication

Paper submission and publication process is the same as for the main SST2020 conference. All accepted papers will be published in the SST2020 Conference Proceedings.

Workshop Chairs
prof. dr. sc. Drago Žagar
prof. dr. sc. Ivana Podnar Žarko

Workshop program

Ivana Podnar Žarko and Domagoj Šimić
IoT-field: project overview and initial results

Damjan Katušić, Pavle Skočir, Mario Kušek and Igor Čavrak
Survey on Low Power Wide Area Networks in IoT

Krešimir Grgić, Drago Žagar, Josip Balen and Jelena Vlaović
Internet of Things in Smart Agriculture – Possibilities and Challenges

Jelena Vlaović, Josip Balen, Krešimir Grgić, Drago Žagar, Vlatko Galić and Domagoj Šimić
An Overview of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement Process, Meters and Methods