Wind energy integration in low inertia power system project special session

TITLE: Smart transmission system for wide wind energy integration

DATE: Thursday 15th October 2020 15:30

DURATION: 1.5 hour


Increase in the number of wind power plants that utilize variable speed generators that substitute conventional synchronous generators has led to a decrease in system inertia. This decreases system stability in response to disturbances that causes power swings caused by generator and load outages, or short circuit failures. Renewable energy sources have potential capabilities to provide initial inertia response and ancillary services. The focus of this special session will be on research of renewable energy sources capabilities to provide inertia response and ancillary services. It will identify current status of the power system in Croatia and provide insight into future trends including the ability of wind power plants to provide support to the system balance through the control of inertia response and active power change after disturbances occurrence; the ability to use better production forecasting to alleviate some of the unbalance problems; the approach to powers system planning development that increases the potential of integration. These aspects will be shown through recent results of the research and development project “WINDLIPS – Wind energy integration in low inertia power system” led by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb and financed by Croatia Scientific Foundation, Croatian Transmission System Operator HOPS and HEP Generation Ltd.

CONTRIBUTORS: Ninoslav Holjevac, Tomislav Baškarad, Josip Đaković, Matej Krpan, Igor Kuzle, Bojan Franc, Igor Ivanković, Antun Adrić, Boris Avramović, Renata Rubeša, Krešimir Mesić, Nenad Švarc, Ivan Sudić


1. WINDLIPS project overview and specifics of integration of wind energy in the Croatian power system

Presenter: Ninoslav Holjevac, FER

2. The importance of ROCOF in inverter-based power systems

Presenter: Tomislav Bašakard, FER

3. The importance of wind energy production forecasting

Presenter: Josip Đaković, FER

4. Meteorological data¸and dynamic thermal rating importance in wind energy production

Presenter: Krešimir Mesić and Elvis Mikac, HOPS

5. Fast frequency reserve in low-inertia system

Presenter: Matej Krpan, FER

6. Short-term transmission system losses forecast based on supervised machine learning

Presenter: Ivan Sudić, FER